About me

Beyond the surface of appearance”

Born in Florence, Letizia Pecci dedicated herself to drawing and painting from an early age. She studied literature and philosophy and, alongside her profession as Event Planner, she continued to cultivate her passion for drawing, enriching it with the study of art history.

In 2000 she moved to Berlin where she attended advanced courses in painting, drawing and mixed media thanks to which she continued to experiment her own original style between figurative and abstract.

Throughout the following years she joined a variety of group exhibitions both in Germany and in Italy. In 2021 she held her first solo exhibition “My Tuscany” in Landshut, Germany. In addition to winning the 2021 Art Show International “Talent prize award” in San Francisco (USA) and therefore also earning a virtual solo exhibition on their platform, in 2022 she also held a solo exhibition titled “Suggestion” at Barberino Tavarnelle – Florence (Italy).

Letizia Pecci composes landscapes, abstract natural elements and symbolic portraits with a particular technique that combines acrylic on canvas, inks, textured surfaces and collage with different types of paper, in particular rice and tissue paper printed with textures moulds created by the artist.

The ‘Landscape’ artworks are characterised by the depiction of the artist’s homeland, the Tuscan hills envisioned as infinite waves. Each frame is enriched by a variety of painted, engraved or textured surfaces; these seem to steal ‘their own skin’ from other elements of nature, whether animal or vegetable, or from graphic fantasies that surprise the observer with contrasts accentuated by the choice of colours. Patches, nets, paths and textures express the traces of experiences, sufferings, memories, losing and finding oneself, all of which symbolically emerge and become visible on the surfaces. Sometimes fragments of this nature become protagonists in the series Botanicals and Abstracts. Very often the hills are crossed by a completely white road, which invites us to walk through the painting as a chance to find our own path, luminous and harmonious.

The representation of defeats, victories, experiences and signs of life emerge in the same way in the series dedicated to the depiction of women’s faces which become the “allegorical” representation of the many facets of the female world through the layering of textures. The faces, composed of often monochrome ‘chiaroscuro’, synthetic shapes and broad brushstrokes, have the eyes as their focal points. They are intense and seem to address the observer, inviting him to discover different worlds, without stopping at the exterior of beauty. When those women close their eyes, they are focused on themselves but express an intimate calmness. They are proud women, confident in showing their history that seems tattooed on their skin.

Letizia defines herself as ‘visual artist’. Her works reflect her own desire to experiment and to  induce the observer not to stop at the surface of reality but to investigate further and discover hidden signs.

Exhibitions and Prizes

2023 International Contemporary Art Exhibition “Mood” 10.10-20.10.23 curated by Prof. Strazzeri in Museo Diocesano in Andria, Italy

2023 Group Exhibition “Time-Out” 08.09-03.10.2023 in Galerie Kunstwerk in Landshut Bayern, Germany

2023 Group Exhibition “Art-Message in a Chianti Classico bottle” 29.06-30.10.2023 . Art  Installation 

Realisation of an Art Installation (Giant bottle) for “Consorzio Chianti Classico” Radda in Chianti, Siena, Italy

2023 ArtParma Fair 4-12.03.23  Parma, Italy represented by  Artastassia Gallery Lugano , Switzerland

2022 ArtPadova Fair 11-14.11.2022 Padova Italy represented  by  PassepArtout gallery, Milan, Italy

2022 Solo-Exhibition “Suggestione” 16-23.09.2022 in san Pietro in Bossolo, Barberino Tavarnelle,  Florence, Italy

2022 “La vita nascosta sotto la pelle della pittura” critical review published Oct22 on “La Toscana nuova” by Daniela Protesti.

2022 Group Exhibition “Framing” 17-30.06.2022 in Galleria Medina, Rome, Italy

2022 Group Exhibition “Florence Expo 2022” 11-23.06.2022 in Circolo degli artisti “Casa di Dante”  Florence, Italy

2022 Group Exhibition ” Color burst” 19.05-04.06.2022  in Lite-Haus Galerie, Berlin, Germany

2022 Group Exhibition “Silent Dialogues” in Grace Denker Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

2022 Group Exhibition ” Faces” 21.04-14.05.2022  in Lite-Haus Galerie, Berlin, Germany

2022 Group Exhibition ” Come with me” 01.-15.04.22 Divulgarti Eventi in Palazzo Ducale, Genova, Italy

2022 Group Exhibition “Crazy Color” 17.02.-19.03.2022 in Lite-Haus Galerie, Berlin, Germany

2022 Group Exhibition “Connected” 05.02-03.2022  in Galerie Kunstwerk, Landshut, Germany

2021 Virtual exhibition “Connections” 01-12.12.2021  in The Virtual Art gallery, Würzburg, Germany.

2021 “Bilder von Letizia Pecci im Kunstwerk – La mia Toscana” by Michaela Schabel published on www.schabel-kultur-blog.de

2021 Solo Exhibition “La mia Toscana” 8.10-21.11.2021 in Galerie Kunstwerk, Landshut, Germany

2021 “Honorable Mention Award. Landscape” by Art Show International San Francisco, USA

2021  Virtual “Solo Exhibition” by Art Show International  San Francisco, USA

2021 “Talent prize award”  for “fairy tale flowers” by Art Show International Competition

2021 Virtual Exhibition in Fabled Gallery online, Switzerland