Non-compliant nature

100x100x2 cm  mixed media on canvas.

Acrylic, alcohol ink, collage, soft pastels


100×100 cm mixed media on canvas.

Acrylic, collage, ink, soft pastels

Connessioni Interrotte 1

30x30cm mixed media 

on canvas paper board.

Acrylic, collage and ink

Connessioni interrotte 2

30x30cm mixed media

 on canvas paper board.

 Acrylic, collage and ink

Crystal stones 1

80×100 cm mixed media on canvas SOLD

Crystal Stones

80×100 cm mixed media on canvas SOLD

Pensieri sparsi

100×100 cm mixed media on canvas.  Acrylic and collage SOLD

Waves of life I and II 

40X 40 cm   mixed media on 3D canvas . Acrylic, alcool ink and collage


40×100 cm mixed media on 3D canvas . Acrylic and collage

Genesis I

100×100 cm Acrylic on canvas SOLD

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